Size Guide

Discover your appropriate necklace, bracelet, anklet, & ring size by reading & utilizing the tools below

    • How can I find out my ring size? 
      • Before making a purchase, decide which hand and finger you want to wear the specific ring on. In fact, for the sake of example, your right-hand ring finger may vary from the size of your left-hand ring finger -- so always double check your size. 
      • If you don’t have a ruler handy, print this pdf at exactly 100% to size your finger or match the sizes of rings you already own.
      • If you don't have access to a printer and want to confirm your size, you can wrap a thin strip of paper around the finger you want to size. Make sure the paper is below the joint of your finger, but somewhat close to your knuckle. Mark the spot where the paper meets, then measure the distance with a ruler in inches or millimeters. 
      • Not everyone falls into an exact size. If your size is larger than size 5, but smaller than size 6, for example, I recommend size 6. But only you can make that call. 
      • Use the following measurements to determine your ring size:
        • Size Three: 11/20 of an inch or 44.14mm
        • Size Four: 1 13/16 inches or 46.68mm
        • Size Five: 1 15/16 inches or 49.32mm
        • Size Six: 2 1/16 inches or 51.87mm
        • Size Seven: 2 1/8 inches or 54.51mm
        • Size Eight: 2 1/4 inches or 57.15mm
        • Size Nine: 2 5/16 inches or 59.34mm
      • What necklace length is right for me? 
        • It depends on the look you are going for. But most importantly ask yourself What is most comfortable for my body? It's always a good idea to measure your own neck to be aware of what would be too tight. Use this guide as an example of where to expect each necklace length to fall on an average chest.Necklace Length Fit Guide Artifact Adventure Adornment Jewelry
      • What bracelet/anklet size is right for me? 
        • Most of my bracelets are 7-7.5" inches and anklets are typically 9-10" (industry average size).
        • It's always a good idea to measure your wrists/ankles before purchasing bracelets/anklets if you are worried about the fit. 
      Please allow for slight variances in all pieces when it comes to size. I hope I answered all of your potential questions; but if you have a inquiry I didn't cover, reach out to me directly at